Into the Radius VR

Into the Radius VR


I’m someone who is relatively new to the VR scene, but no stranger to gaming. While searching through the list of VR games and trying to find something for my newly purchased VR headset, I stumbled across Into the Radius. As a fan of the survival/horror genre games, this peaked my interest right away. While not a horror game, the atmosphere, isolation and the peek-a-boo moments you run into sometimes, will definitely have you on edge the whole time. As for the survival aspect, I found it to be pretty fair on finding items and didn’t feel like I was struggling to acquire ammo, equipment or weapons. The map is huge and gives you plenty of places to explore and a lot of new enemies to run into. Each time I would go back into the radius, walk a little farther than before, I would find something new, making each trip back a joy. The game runs very smoothly, things like walking, grabbing items, slashing your knife or grabbing your backpack, all feel very natural. They really put the headset and controllers to good use with the way you interact with everything, sliding a clip out, reloading and putting it back in the gun  is fun and reaching behind you to grab the backpack to drop supplies inside it is a nice touch.

While the game has been super fun for me so far, it has had its moments. The game was a little hard to just jump into and there can be some trial and error at first, but you most definitely need some patience. Once you get past the learning curve and you get acclimated to how everything works, I promise it will have you hooked and wanting to get back home to play it again. The story has me intrigued to explore and learn more about what happened there. They also have a Tumblr ( with a lot of backstory and it really pulls you into the world. Then there is exploring the map and as a gaming hoarder, I just want to run around and see how much stuff I can bring back to base with each trip. The visuals are also a pleasure and I often find myself just looking around in awe at how everything looks.

At the end of the day we do have to remember it is in early access and with that, will bring a few bugs and issues. The good news is the Devs have a Discord for Into the Radius and they stay up with users’ concerns and are really responsive to your feedback about issues and work on them pretty quickly with patches. The people in there have been really helpful in my journey through the radius and have made it a pleasurable experience playing something before release. I’d have to say if you enjoy VR, like survival shooters and looking for a world to explore and get lost in for hours, then Into the Radius is a Gem worth adding to your VR collection.

Game Developer/Publisher: CM Games
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Platforms: PC / VR


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Amazing atmosphere
  • Plenty of world to explore
  • VR feels really natural for in-game commands
The bad
  • Steep learning curve

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