Hello Guardian!

Welcome to your first step to clan recovery. We know how it is, join a clan, everything is rock N’ rolling for a few weeks and then *poof* it just dies off. Here at the Caffeine Crew, we are a group of content creators and their fan-base, all of which are fans of the Destiny franchise and play regularly. What are you waiting for Guardian. Join up, make some new friends, create a fireteam and save the universe from the Darkness!

Fireteam Adventures

Currently we are holding Sunday Raid teams at 2 pm CST. We are always looking for Guardians to step into a leadership role and hosts different events on other days.

Free Visionary Emblem

The emblem is called The Visionary, and is available to anyone who inputs the correct code when they visit the Bungie code redemption page. You’ll need to sign in, of course, but this is easily done since you’ve most likely linked your account at this point anyway. The code is XFVKHPN97