Minecraft Mondays

Hello 8-Bit adventurers! Grab your torches and diamond pickaxes and come play Minecraft Dungeons with us. We go live every Monday at 7pm-10pm CST

Destiny 2 Tuesdays & Sundays

Are you ready for the weekly reset Guardian? Come hang out as we run the nightmare hunts, dungeons, and raids to acquire better gear. The Fireteam heads out at Tuesday 7pm-10pm & Sunday Raid starts at 2pm to End CST, Don’t be left at the Tower!

Overwatch Saturdays

Die… Die… Die!!! That’s probably what will be happening… a lot in our games. It does matter though, because we are all here to have fun and great conversations. Jump on and come play with us every Saturday from 2pm-4pm CST

Golf with your Friends

FORE!!! Grab your putters and let the madness begin. We put on the plaid pants and polo shirts every 15th of the month at 7pm-10pm CST

Friday the 13th

Ch ch ch, ah ah ah! Help us escape Camp Crystal Lake or Hunt us as Jason Voorhees. Come live the horrors with us every 13th of each month from 7pm-10pm CST