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Hello and welcome my fellow Noobs! This is my 3rd year supporting and raising money for :ExtraLife: Extra Life. Due to moving in 2018, I couldn’t commit to participating in the fundraiser and personally wasn’t able to raise anything. However, I was able to donate to the cause during the 24hr event and promote my fellow streamers. Last year we raised $258 during the 24hr charity stream. This year I will be participating all year long for the charity and have set a goal of $1,000. I know together we can crush that $1k goal. Also, I know there has to be something in it for you all too, so over the year I will set milestones. Some of these milestone will be done as soon as they are met, while others will be saved and done at the 24hr streaming event in St. Louis on November 7th. Thanks again for being amazing and supporting me, this community and the charity! Throughout the whole year you will have the ability to donate at anytime by clicking on the image below.

November 7th 2020 This will be the day of the 24hr streaming event!

Donations Raised For Extra Life
2018 $0
2019 $258
2020 $